23 October, 2014

An "ah ha!" moment

I think I have put my finger on the cause of my super sensitive teeth.  I don't think it was from he jaw clenching.  I think it was because I changed from a soft toothbrush to a hard one.  In fact I'm 99% sure.  I got a new set for the master bathroom when I moved and my soft toothbrush didn't fit into the cup holes, so I took one that did fit and .... yup, it's hard.  So I went shopping for a soft one that fits into the cup and now we wait.  I am going to the dentist next month so there is time to see if this will indeed make the difference. 

Here's a pet peeve -- having to call a company to cancel.  This goes for all sorts of companies.  You can do everything in the world on line but cancel a membership or a magazine subscription or, in this case, a ZipCar membership.  The renewal date is a couple of weeks away and I honestly don't think I used it at all during the last 12 months, and there are no Zipcars in Woodinville.  So I can save myself some money if I can only get someone to pick up the freaking phone!!  I've been on hold for at least 10 minutes so far. 

It happened to me again last night.  The needle tip came out of the knitting, even though I'm being super careful about making sure I don't twist the work.  So, that means I am going to have to switch needles with another project.  I think the needle I'm using on the Melon scarf is long enough to accommodate these 600+ stitches.  I just now have to figure out a way to actually make the switch.  I guess I could use other tips to transfer the Melon scarf onto another Denise cord, and then I would have a free needle.  I wonder if I can do that tonight?  I have a lot to do -- Tink goes to the dog boarding place, then I've got to do my regular evening chores as well as get set for the weekend in Portland.  We'll see.

Still on hold.  *sigh*  Eighteen minutes!  Good heavens.  Isn't that crazy?  I should call back and choose a different option.

We have gotten the bike share racks on the campus and around town.  I wonder if this will take off here.  It seems that there are plenty of bike owners and people who want a bike, have a bike.  The chains still look pristine on all of them.  And boy are they ugly!

Okay -- more than twenty minutes on hold.  Unacceptable.  I am going to call back and chose an option that I know will get a person on the other end.  Wish me luck.

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