28 October, 2014

Idiots in the parking garage

It was pouring rain on the way to the Transit Center this morning, but my commute was going along just fine until I got behind a school bus, which slowed things down to a crawl.  But I got into the parking structure at the normal time and pulled in.  However, after the second turn there was a huge backup of cars.  When I finally did get up to the top I could see the problem.  People were pulling into spots and then backing up, across the lane effectively stopping the flow of traffic so that they could position their cars.  *sigh*  Add to that a rather large puddle of water spanning four or 5 spots and you can see a mess in the making.  I pulled into a spot (any spot!) and gathered my things, but that few minutes of chaos pulling into the garage was enough to put me off my schedule and I got to watch my bus pulling out into the street. 

It was sunny yesterday which meant that I got to run in the sunshine.  I needed that!  Pushing myself slightly, I had a terrific run.  I don't know what my chances are for today.  It is stormy and raining hard.  It may slow down.  I hope it does.

I just got beat in my fantasy match up and I'm torn about it.  Of course I wanted to win and I was ahead until last night's game.  My opponent's player had to make more than 14 points in order for him to win and since he was only supposed to make 7, I felt pretty confident I'd pull this one out.  Ha!  He had an incredible game and I lost by a hair.  The opponent was my nephew, who is in first place and barely lost last year, so I guess I'm not too unhappy about it.  I don't have a chance to win first place anyway, at this point.  I'd rather have him finally win it.

Tinking back my mistake was my first order of business last night, after the grocery shopping, requisite dog walk, kitchen clean up, and shower.  I made myself a cocktail and sat at the dining table, carefully picking back about 60 stitches.  Then I started again, moving the markers up by two stitches.  I didn't want to take up my entire evening with it, and it's not TV knitting at this point, so I put it down after I was confident I had the problem solved so I could properly watch the game.  I do have half a skein of the blue on its way so now I know I won't run out of yarn and I can continue happily knitting along.

Okay now - happy thoughts for a rain free noon time!

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