16 October, 2014

It's a let down

After being so terribly busy for a couple of months, I am finding it very difficult to keep interested now that it is not busy.  I much prefer to be super busy -- well, who doesn't?  I've got to find something interesting to do.

The good news is that I've been sleeping great.  Again, not surprising.  The nightmares and jaw clamping must have been disturbing my sleep a lot.  It was so very cozy this morning, I really didn't want to get out of bed.  Therefore I was running late and didn't have time to make my coffee to take on my drive.  I pride myself on getting up and out in less than an hour.  I can do it in 40 minutes, but I must know what I'm going to put on.  I can't be dithering in front of my closet.  I had decided to wear one of my new dresses today but when I decided that last night I hadn't quite decided on the shoes, so that was what held me back.  What shoes?  Or boots?  I need grey ones.  The black would have worked but since I wore super high heels twice already this week I thought I might wear lower heels today ... see?  That takes up a lot of time!  Tick tock.  So I wore something else entirely.   And missed my coffee.  And had to rush Tink on her walk.

At lunch yesterday I found a nice little spot and knit and knit.  I wanted to go for a walk as well, but it was pouring rain.  I think I will be able to run next week!  My cough has almost disappeared and my lungs feel good.  So -- next week I will start up.  I cannot wait.  I need my endorphins.  I can't get endorphins from knitting.

I think I'll be able to start the lace border on the Brown Eyed Susan tonight, if I get a good solid hour or so in at lunchtime.  I hope I have enough yarn to finish up the body.  I might not have enough for the contrast lacy bind off though.  That would be a drag.

I was reading something the other day about how certain things in your resume make you look old.  Did you know that putting two spaces after a period is now considered passe?  That it is a convention only taught on type writers?  I hadn't noticed but I'm going to start looking to see if I can spot the difference.  The person writing the article had to train himself to put only one space and he said it was quite difficult. I can believe it. 

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