07 October, 2014


I was positive I was missing some shoes.  Shoes that I hadn't room for in my teensie apartment but shoes I couldn't bear to throw away, so they were in my storage locker and then disappeared when I moved.  But they surfaced yesterday and I'm so happy!  I didn't get a chance to go through them last night, but I know for sure there are some booties in there and I almost bought another pair on Sunday.  And some fabulous brown heeled oxfords and ... well, I am sure I've forgotten but they're all good winter shoes and boots and I'll get to them tonight, maybe.

I have lots I want to do tonight that I couldn't do last night because of the game.  The Seahawks won but the number of penalties called on them was absolutely obscene!  I guess it comes with the territory.  I do have to at least start the tomato sauce.  I picked the last of the tomatoes except a couple behind a spider web.  I will get those tonight if they're still good, then I'm going to do what most of the recipes suggest, which is blanch them and peel them before removing the seeds.  Time consuming but I think it is a necessary step.

When I took Tink to the vet on Sunday I also needed to get her flea pills - anti-flea pills, I should say - but they had run out of them!  Ridiculous.  Obviously I can't drive all the way back there just to pick up pills, so the doctor wrote out the prescription and I stopped at the vet by my house to get it filled.  But guess what?  They don't carry those pills.  *sigh*  Now what?  The receptionist suggested I go to an online vet pharmacy.  So that's on the list for today.

The students took their re-exam yesterday and I just sat and knit while they did their exam.  And that's that.  Anatomy is over and it'll never be taught like this again.  Now we start putting together the new curriculum.  Or soon, anyway.  I sure need a breather.  Luckily Histo is not so demanding right now.  I can take some time to clean up my office - it is a wicked mess with stacks of papers and piles of other papers, x-ray envelopes piled on the filing cabinet.  Untidy, although I can put my hand on anything I need.  Still, I'd like a clean blotter for a change.  Right now on my blotter - so that I can't see anything but Thursday, Friday and Saturday of the last two weeks - a red folder (empty), invisible tape, an iPhone charging plug with no cord, a pencil, a pink highlighter, two pens, assorted yellow sticky pads, pieces of white note paper with lists scribbled and checked, white envelopes with who knows what in them ..... No food anyway.  That's a good thing. 

The weather is strangely warm.  I was out walking Tink in the pitch black last night in just my cotton PJs!  Usually I just take her out there to the end of her leash and let her piddle, but it was gorgeous so I strolled around with her, watching the stars and the big moon.  Sure enough, there was a rabbit, but all you could see was it's white tail as it hopped off into the forest.  It's sure to turn soon, but right now it reminds me of a particularly warm November when I was in London.  Walking around through the parks in late November in just a turtle neck sweater and a shawl.  It was that warm.  We could be in for a very mild winter this year.

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