02 October, 2014

Fat rabbits

Poor Tinkerbell.  She will NEVER get a rabbit and it is driving her absolutely stark raving mad.  The one time she got away from me this early spring was to chase the rabbits, which got away thank goodness.  And now I swear they taunt her.  There is one big one, or perhaps they all look the same at this time of year, that seems to be in the same spot every morning when we go out for our walk.  It sits and sits until we get up rather close and then darts away, but not ALL the way away.  Just away enough to watch and drive my poor dog crazy.   I love watching them, especially the little tiny babies.  But I will be glad when they are gone, because I don't like to see Tink all worked up like that.  Part of me really wants to let her go and have a good chase, but I would feel just awful if she actually caught it and killed it.

Two more days of this insanity at work.  I am just about tearing my hair out.  I did absolutely nothing last night -- well, I did my hair and cooked a lovely curry for dinner.  Other than that though, I just watched "Inside the NFL" and relaxed.  I am feeling better.  I still sound bad, but I am feeling better.  I long for a day just to myself to sleep and shop and that's what I'm going to do next Friday.  I'm going to take a vacation day and go to the spa and go shopping and just pamper myself.  I can't wait.

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