13 October, 2014

Never enough

I feel like that this morning - that I can never get enough sleep!  I am just dizzy and I even went to bed at a decent hour.  I slept through the night, but eight hours just isn't enough sometimes, is it?

I discovered a little leak on Wednesday and ended up having to work from home for a couple of days to get that taken care of.  And then Friday was my spa day.  Oh heavens, it was bliss.  It was so incredibly relaxing,  And then I went shopping!  I got some dresses for work and some crazy beautiful red suede shoes.  High heels, zippers in the back.  I love them.  Practical?  Well, no.  No they're not.  But they are gorgeous!

There was an incredible rain storm Saturday.  It was a downpour for about 30 minutes.  I was in a parking lot and couldn't get out of the car because the entire lot was a river!  The walkways in front of the stores were rivers.  Flooded streets because of overflowing or plugged storm drains.  And as quickly as it started, it ended.

The Seahawks got beat last night, at home, by the Cowboys.  It was a terrible game.  So difficult to watch.  My fantasy team is losing big this week as well.  I had some good players on bye and a couple underperformed and somebody else was injured.  Not a good football week for me, except the Huskies looked pretty good.

I finally got about half of the stuff hung on the walls.  I'd like to live with it for a while before I get the rest of it up. 

Oh I hope this caffeine kicks in soon.  It better or I'm going to put my head down on the desk and have a little snooze!

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