29 October, 2014

What is wrong with people??

What happened to courtesy?  Or manners?  Don't parents teach their children basic skills for living in a polite society?  It was raining hard yesterday and I didn't feel like going out for a run and getting soaked to the skin, so I instead took my umbrella and walked up to PetCo to get Tinkerbell some food, and then walked back.  It is just a little over a mile each way.  During that walk a young man bumped into me so hard that my umbrella banged into my face.  No "excuse me" or "sorry".  Nothing.  And then a girl was so close on my heels that when I stopped at a crosswalk she walked right into me!  Again, nothing on her side.  No "oops" or "pardon me".  No acknowledgement at all.  Beasts. 

I was looking forward to movie night.  I changed my Netflix account from only streaming to streaming with DVDs and I had "Captain America - The Winter Soldier" waiting.  What a disappointment.  First, Captain American is the most boring superhero ever, but Scarlet Johansson is usually able to put some sparkle into the mix.  The story is just so boring that I couldn't finish it and ended up going to bed before it was over. 

The blues are still a constant companion.  Monday's run helped a bit but that could have been the sunshine as well as the run.  It is noon knitting today and that always cheers me up.  It would be better if I could knit all afternoon though. 

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Speattle said...

How much you wanna bet that the two people who bumped into you were looking at the screen of a phone and not looking where they were going?

I see people doing that all the time and potentially getting into dangerous situations. When they get close to me I loudly say "Look Up!" in a slightly sharp tone and it is kind of funny to see the startled looks on their faces.