20 October, 2014

We are in for a rude awakening

The weather continues to be mild.  Extremely mild and record setting.  Sunday was too warm for a jacket.  Once the weather turns it is going to be really hard to take.  It's like we're living in California here.  Except for the rain, which has settled in for the week, I believe.  We had a little respite on the weekend, well Sunday at least.  But the man on the news last night said it's rain and clouds for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  I don't really care too much except I do want to start back running today.  I can go when it's raining but I prefer  not to.  I'm so antsy though that I suspect I'll go today no matter what's happening out there.

I spent Friday working from home.  I've got an interesting week coming up.  A meeting today at 2 o'clock and a meeting Wednesday at 2 o'clock downtown with my lawyer.  Thursday night Tink goes to the boarders and Friday I have to take the bus from home because Friday afternoon I'm getting on the train to Portland.  Rain or shine, that's going to be fun. 

Now I'll tell you what's NOT fun -- watching both of my teams lose this weekend.  The second loss for the Seahawks, who haven't had back to back losses since 2012.  Oh it was just brutal.  We lost so many players in the off season and then we've had some injuries.  Ah well -- it's early days yet.  As for my fantasy - I got killed there too.  I guess it is not my year.   Again.

I didn't get much done this weekend, which is okay once in a while, isn't it?  You can't work all the time.  There was sunshine to enjoy and walks to take - Tinkie got a nice walk at Cottage Lake for a change.  It's a nice little park and the lake is lovely.   Movies and a fire - even though it's warm, it's always nice to have a fire.  I got lots of great knitting done on the Brown Eyed Susan.  I'm on row 19 of the lace border and I've put out a request for another skein of the blue.  I'm just not entirely sure I'll have enough.  So far no luck though.  I had gotten a start on the lace border Thursday at work, but row two wasn't working out and so I had to take out both rows - tinking back over 350 stitches twice.  I realized I had done the t2l (twist 2 left) incorrectly.  The instructions in the book were not sufficient.  Once I did a little more digging I realized my mistake and from then on I was on fire.  Except when my Denise needle came apart from the cable!  Oh heavens ... what a mess.  I got it fixed but I was going crazy trying to keep the stitches from unraveling.  Now I am very very careful with it.  It is getting heavy with now over 500 stitches and those cables can twist out if you're not super careful.  I am using my other size 6 long circular for the project that is on hold - the Melon scarf - so I'm stuck with the Denise set.

So let's keep good thoughts for a dry-ish noon time.  I am just crazy anxious to start running again!!

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