03 October, 2014

Thursday night football

In the past the NFL games were only on Sunday and Monday until Thanksgiving, but this year we're having Thursday night games all season long.  Last night my fantasy QB and a receiver plus the defense of the other team played.  Well, my QB is Aaron Rogers and the Packers just killed the Vikings.  They were so far ahead that they pulled Aaron Rogers and put in the backup for the last quarter.  Of course then my defense got no points to speak of but Aaron Rogers and Jordy Nelson got me nearly 30 points.  That's a good start.  I'd like to win a second in a row and move up a little more in the standings. 

The Seahawks don't play until Monday night which means that Sunday is a little more open than it would typically be.  I set up Tink's annual vet appointment for Sunday morning.  I can move my hair salon, but I don't want to change vets at this late stage.  She's been going there since she was a puppy and we don't go many times a year, so we'll keep her vet.

It's going to be a busy weekend.  I've got to drop Tink at the groomers first thing Saturday morning, and then I've got a hair appointment at 9:45 and after that a family gathering at 1 o'clock.  Hopefully it won't go too long.  I'd really like to do some serious knitting this weekend.  I did get a couple rows done last night, but I've a long ways to go with this beaded shawl and I've got two new knitting books coming today plus the yarn from YarnBox is really calling my name.  I am going to make "Brown Eyed Susan" from Juju's Loops and I actually was going to have someone check the book out of the library for me to copy the pattern, since it's the only one out of the book I want.  However, the book is published in London and it's not in our library system!  Therefore I had to fork out $30 for one pattern.  I know ... but I really really like it!  And I think it'll be perfect for the yarn I got.  I should take pictures -- the blue is absolutely the most gorgeous peacock blue ever.  It reminds me of the ink I used when I used to write with a nibbed pen.  The ink came in cartridges rather than a bottle.  I thought it was so elegant and romantic to write with an ink pen, but my teachers didn't think so. 

I got my appointment at the spa all set for Friday and got the day off on the calendar at work.  Oh joy!  I'm to get to the spa at 11 am to soak in the tubs for an hour before my body scrub, and then I'm having a body moisturizing as well.  That is just SO relaxing.  And they put this fresh green mask on your face while you're getting lotion massaged into your freshly exfoliated body.  You come out of there as soft as a baby all over.  Then I'm going shopping and I'm going to buy myself something really nice.  I haven't had any new work clothes and I deserve it.

Also on the agenda for the weekend is to take the cushions off the outdoor chairs, put the umbrella down, take the cloth off the round table ... winterize, in other words.  And I'm going to get the last of the tomatoes in and make sauce.  I tried it last weekend and it was okay in the slow cooker, but I didn't care all that much for the recipe.  I will do it in a big pot this time instead and I will not use nearly as much olive oil as that other recipe called for.  Fun weekend ahead.

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