15 October, 2014

Awake at last

I finally feel human and as if I've had a good night's sleep.  In other words, I'm not groggy this morning - or not as bad as I have been the first two days of the week.  I fell right asleep last night - which I know because I looked at the clock when I turned out the light - 9:16 (!), and then an Amber Alert made my phone buzz just after 9:30 and I was already deeply asleep.  Unfortunately the Amber alerts do not turn off when the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode.  I need to search for the alerts and turn that one off.

It's still raining today and it's starting to feel like autumn.  I'm ready.  But it's going to be a long long winter without a trip to look forward to, I'm afraid.  I am starting to put together a three week trip in early spring and I don't have many vacation days to spare between then and now.  A few -- I think maybe 5 -- days I can use around Christmas and the New Year.  It's going to be tough, make no mistake.  Ah but to have three whole weeks off in a row, now that is going to be awesome!  It's a long ways away.

Noon knitting today and I'm going to be the only knitter.  MaryEllin and Monika are off on trips and Diana has too much work to do before her two weeks off and that leaves me, since Christina hasn't been coming lately, nor has Peggy.  Of course Peggy has a good excuse, since she's across the lake.  So - just me.  If it's not still pouring rain I can have a nice little walk and then find a corner and knit for a while.  I am only ten rows from the lace part of the Brown Eyed Susan.  Yes, I know I have a few (million) WIPs, but I felt like doing this and so I am doing it.  At some point I need to dig through my WIPs and figure out what I'm going to finish and what I can frog.  I am running out of tools - needle point protectors, markers, etc. 

Yes .... I slept better but I could do with a bit more still.  It's got to be the lack of sunshine.

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