24 October, 2014

Just like that

I'm cold.  All it took was a solid week of rain and now for sure the summer is gone.  What a spectacular Indian summer we had!  But I have been cold in my bed for the last two nights - especially last night since Tinkerbell wasn't there to add her warmth.  In the mornings too.  Today I wore my full gloves.  Fingerless are not going to make it any longer.

Since I'm taking the bus to the train this afternoon I couldn't drive to the Transit Center and instead took the 7 o'clock bus from home -- well, half mile away from home.  I was right about the traffic.  That bus which always made the 7:24 bus to work missed it by almost 5 minutes so I had to catch the later bus which got me to work a full 20 minutes late.  That's all because of the schools.  Which is something I was unaware of when I started this commute in the summer.  Ah well I truly do prefer to drive to the Transit Center.  It is extremely uncomfortable standing in the pitch black on that busy highway.  I carried a small flashlight this morning so that the bus driver could see me standing there.  I would have been very unhappy had he passed me by!

I got an email this morning from a woman who has some of the yarn I'm looking for!  She's going to weigh it for me and if it's a third of a skein then I'm in business.  I got the switch over to the other needles done last night but I'm not taking the project with me to Portland.  I know I will not be knitting. 

I surely hope we have a better football weekend than the last one.  I have both of the game set to record because I'm pretty sure the Husky game would not be on any TVs in Portland.  You never know.  We might blunder in to one of those places that has ALL the games on but I'm not counting on it.  They're playing Arizona this weekend.  Maybe they'll win!

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