19 November, 2014

A little relief

Thank goodness it is a little warmer today.  It wasn't even down to freezing this morning and I did have the window open last night.  A little.  I still woke up stuffed up so ... what's up with that?   There were some sparse ice crystals on my vehicle but nothing like the past week or so.  What I am concerned about is the driveway.  It's steep and I am so afraid of falling on it when I take Tink out for her morning walk.  She pulls sometimes, seeing a phantom bunny or something.  I definitely need to get a bag of salt this weekend to keep that clear.

I chose a pattern for the YarnBox KAL, using my Neighborhood Fiber Co. Rustic Fingering yarn in the Edgewood color.  Oh my goodness, it is the loveliest teal. I'm going to do Jo's Pride Hooded Shawl by Sivia Harding.  It uses beads too and the teal ones I used on the Venomous Tentacula will be perfect for this.  I got the yarn wound last night and today at noon knitting I'll cast on.  It goes from bottom up, so I've got to cast on more than 350 stitches. 

I'm sleepy this morning.  I stayed up too late watching the two hour finale of "Once Upon a Time" that I had recorded.  Well, I didn't finish it actually.  Maybe tonight after "Inside the NFL".  I should really go to bed early.  I don't like being tired and I know I won't get much sleeping in done on the weekend, with all the preparations I need to make for Thanksgiving.  But then I'll have a four day weekend.  No, not really -- you can't count Thanksgiving as a holiday since I'll be cooking and such most of the day.  But believe me, I'm not doing a single thing but knit and slob around for the remainder of the weekend.  Shopping?  Not on your life!  That Black Friday crap is for the birds.

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