05 November, 2014

Recipe for a nice evening

I found the latest issue of Interweave Knits in my mailbox when I got home last night.  So after Tink's walk and getting my little chores done, I sat down with a martini and relaxed.  On first time through, nothing is screaming at me to be made, but I'll go through it again at noon knitting for a better look.  I've been through a bulky knits phase already, and that seems to be what this issue is about.

Thankfully the drain was fixed at the parking garage and I didn't have to wade through a lake to get to my vehicle last night.  We'll see after the next series of rainy days whether it is truly fixed.

There's a meeting this morning.  The curriculum committee meetings have been cut down to every other month and will be phased out when the new curriculum starts next September.  So this is my last year with this committee.  There doesn't seem to be a place for me in the new structure.  Which doesn't break my heart. 

Well, I'm on for Thanksgiving dinner this year. I'm okay with that too.  That means I get to have everything the way I want it.  I am NOT going to be having a potluck Thanksgiving dinner!  Period.  If people want to bring something they can bring wine or flowers.  It's only going to be a dozen or so.  Fifteen at the very most.  I can handle it.  One year I made Christmas Eve AND Christmas dinners - both different menus - for 12 people one night and 15 the other.  Fun.  It's all about organization and planning.  And lists. 

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