17 November, 2014

Lots of errors and not so much comedy

My whole weekend was work work work and football football football.  The bright spot is my fantasy team.  Both my opponent and myself have one guy in the Monday night game and I'm up more than 20 points.  So .... I might win this one after all.

Otherwise the football games were not much fun this weekend.  The Huskies had a chance to win over the number 14 team and pretty much gave the game away at the end.  All they would have had to do was kneel down and let the clock run out and win by two points.  But no, the coach called a running play, the player fumbled, the Arizona team got the ball and there went the game.  Terrible play calling.  The Seahawks ..... what can I say.  Injuries are killing them along with penalties.  Kansas City has a stout team this year and their stadium is as loud as the Seahawks stadium.  We were doing okay though, and ahead, until our center got knocked out of the game again.  The second stringer didn't know the plays, and it went downhill from there.  Good thing it was the morning game and there was plenty of sunshine.

Ah but still very very cold.  It's supposed to start warming up to more seasonable weather this week, which also means the clouds and rain comes.  But I will take a little rain in exchange for warmer weather.

Saturday night I met up with an old high school friend, which was fun.  But that was about it for the social side of the weekend.  The rest of the time was spent running around and painting doors.  They are all done but weren't quite dry last night.  They were painted outside, but the sunshine goes away so soon that we had to move them inside.  Tonight they'll go up and the hardware will get on a little at a time.  The linen closet door .... *sigh* ..... was purchased, but it didn't fit.  So it was exchanged and the other door didn't fit either -- way too small.  Now a custom one must be ordered and I sincerely doubt it will be finished by Thanksgiving.  I am bummed about that.

I knit a hat this weekend.  I needed TV knitting and I didn't want to fuss with the beaded project.  I am debating whether to join one of the KALs on the YarnBox group page on Ravelry.  I have some lovely YarnBox yarn that would be perfect for a fancy lace project.  But which one?  I need to decide soon.

Will I run this afternoon?  I very much want to but still am having problems with the ankle.  I think I'll give it a try.  I don't like to waste this sunshine.

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