18 November, 2014

I moved up a spot

Okay!  I won my match up last night and now I've moved up a spot, finally.  It is not likely that I will make the playoffs but at least I'm not last!  That's tough to take, especially since I got to pick first.  However, my first pick has yet to play and I doubt even if they do reinstate him, he'll be any use to me at this point.  What luck.

It is supposed to be warming up, but it's not here yet.  The clouds have moved in so maybe tonight I'll be able to open the window.  I have been waking up all stuffed up, even though the heat is off.  I like to have fresh air when I sleep but it's been just too cold to open the window.  The last time I opened it, the first night we had really cold temperatures, I dreamed I was sleeping next to a broken window. 

I have yet to decide if I'm going to cast on something for a YarnBox KAL, and in the meantime I've been sitting idle at night and going to bed early to read.  The good news is that I'm catching up on my reading.  Not a bad thing.

The doors were hung and tonight the hardware goes on.  But the linen closet door must be ordered, custom made, and it's going to take at least one month.  Arghghgh!  SO annoying. 

By the end of this week I must have my shopping list ready for Thanksgiving.  I figured out I need a 22.5 pound turkey for 15 adults if I want leftovers.  That is a big bird!  Now how many pounds of potatoes?  How many vegetables?  Should I double the sweet potato casserole?  I have a wonderful recipe from Cooking Light that I took to a Christmas party a few years ago.  I'd like to find that again.  It's nice and fluffy, and no marshmallows!  Perfect.  I'd better get my work done before I start thinking about this.  But how odd it's going to be, having Thanksgiving at home.  Ah well.  Things change.  Sometimes for the better even.  And, as we've seen, sometimes most assuredly not.  But one thing I know for sure, you can't stop it no matter how much you wish you could.  All you can do is remember and be thankful.  That I can do.

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