20 November, 2014

A step slow

I was sleeping SO hard this morning, deep in a dream, when my alarm went off.  I don't know how long it had been going before I finally came out of it.  As usual, I hit the snooze for another ten minutes.  Usually I use those 10 minutes to go through email, figure out what I'm going to wear, steel myself to get out of the warmth, but this morning I went back to sleep and that made me a little behind.  I did know what I was going to wear, but I was just so slow!  Tink didn't help matters either.  During her walk she would just stop, right in the middle of the road.  Listening or smelling to something, I guess.  But she wouldn't get her business done and I had to leave.  I didn't even get a coffee before I was on the road!  And good thing because the parking garage was nearly full when I got there.  I made my bus, but I sure had wanted that coffee.  I got one when I arrived, but it would be really wonderful if someone would put a coffee cart at the transit center.  Not likely though.

We had a new person at our knitting group yesterday and she is very very nice.  I hope she wants to come back.  I didn't get to do too much chatting though because I was casting on 357 stitches!  I got them done and a few repeats of the 22 stitch pattern for the border.  And this thing starts out on the first row with beads.  I am going to have to get another vial of them this weekend because I weighed the remaining and I don't have nearly enough (I need 470).  Unfortunately these are the beads I bought when Monika and I were searching for beads in Shelton and I ended up going to Walmart - which I hate.  And now they're the only ones who sell these particular beads, which are absolutely perfect for the yarn.  I found one in Lynnwood near Alderwood mall, which is fine because I need to go to Sephora anyway.  So guess what I'm doing this weekend?

My friend's daughter started university and had chosen to go to Rochester, NY.  About as far away from here as she could get.  And guess what?  They're having an epic early snow storm!  Poor girl.  Her mom told me yesterday that she had ordered a new coat.  It's 18 degrees there!!  Yipes.  I wonder if she's still happy about her choice?

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