03 November, 2014

Little back spasm

It doesn't take much sometimes and that was moving a bit of furniture.  I twisted a bit and when I woke up Thursday morning I did not think I could be comfortable sitting at a desk all day.  Both Thursday and Friday were spent reclining and using my awesome massaging heating pad.  Oh I have definitely had worse tweaked backs.  This was pretty mild, considering.  I was lucky that I could spend the time letting it relax rather than having to make it worse.  Thankfully I had some extra large Ibuprofen tablets from when I broke my toe, which helped.  And, bonus, I didn't have to rake wet leaves this weekend!

I did go up to the mall on Saturday, the first of November mind you, and found not a few stores with considerable Christmas decorations and music already!  Oh that makes me absolutely nuts.  What?  Are we just going to skip over Thanksgiving?  I know it's a losing battle, but the day after Halloween?  Really?

It was also the weekend for turning the clocks back and I am grateful for the extra light in the morning.  Oh, but the parking garage!  What a freaking mess!!  The entire half of the top of the garage, the open air part, is a lake. I saw one guy get out of his vehicle with this pants rolled to the knees and wade through in rubber sandals.  I think I'll try to find somebody to complain to.  It must just be a matter of a plugged drain, but it's been weeks now.  Enough is enough.

Last night I stayed up way too late finishing the Brown Eyed Susan.  I only had two rows left of the lace edging which I finished up while watching the football games (both Seahawks and Huskies won this weekend) and then there was the crochet edging bind off left to do and I started it and I just couldn't put it down.  It was SO cute.  So I kept going and then wove in the ends and voila!  It's done.  It needs a little blocking, which I can hopefully get to tonight.

So here it is November and I am NOT looking forward to getting on a plane in a few weeks.  It feels strange.  But I have a trip in six months to get ready for and that'll have to suffice.

Besides the Huskies and the Seahawks winning, I am pretty close on my fantasy match up.  My regular QB and best wide receiver are on a bye this week, but I am only 17 points behind and I've got two guys tonight.  My opponent doesn't have anybody.  But the chances of my guys, even together, getting 17 points is not good.  Not impossible mind you, but just not good.  I'll watch the game anyway, just in case.

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