06 November, 2014

As dark as night!

There is a storm coming through today with high winds and lashing rain.  It was sprinkling when I left Woodinville and at the RTC the sky was bright and I was contemplating putting my sunglasses on.  However, as we got on the freeway heading to the 520 bridge the sky got progressively darker and the rain started coming down harder.  By the time the bus dropped me off on Pacific Avenue it was pouring rain, the sky was pitch black and the gutters were raging rivers.   I had to jump over to cross the street to my building.  I was planning on walking up to the grocery store at lunchtime, since I'm not keen on running in the rain and wind, but if it's a gale, as it is now, I'm going to skip that and stop on the way home instead.  I just don't like doing that because the store is always so full of people doing exactly the same thing - stopping for dinner on their way home.

I got re-started on the Melon stitch project at noon knitting yesterday but Monika had brought in some books and I finally found a pattern that I could use for a slouchy beret using the Louisa Harding Grace Beaded I picked up a few weeks ago.  First things first - I had to hand wind it because even though you can use a swift with beaded yarn, using the yarn winder is not possible because the beads get caught in the metal eye.  Lucky for me, I had my recorded "Inside the NFL" to watch, so after dinner that was my project.  It took almost an hour to wind those four balls, then I cast on the 100 stitches and started the 1x1 ribbing.  That yarn is SO nice!  Silk and merino, so it's soft with the nice weight of the glass beads.  The beret has a simple leaf pattern in knits, purls and yarn-overs.  I want to make it slouchy so I'm going to add another entire repeat of the leaf pattern before I start decreasing.  I have four skeins of this yarn which is not enough for a real shawl or stole and a little more than I would need for a normal beret.  So - slouchy beret instead.

I had my manicure and pedicure last night on the way home, which means that I was very late getting home and it was pitch black and raining.  I was having the devil of a time seeing, which was odd since the headlight switch had just been fixed and both headlamps working again.  Or so I thought until I pulled up into the driveway.  It turns out the right headlamp is AGAIN not working!!  No wonder I couldn't see properly.  It shouldn't be so dark when I get home tonight.  Maybe it's just loose.  I hope.

I am looking forward to my four day weekend.  I made an appointment to get my hair cut on Monday and I cannot wait.  You know that point when your hair is just too long?  I passed that about three weeks ago. 

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