14 November, 2014

More time than I thought

Silly me.  I have two weekends before Thanksgiving, not only one.  That makes it not quite so daunting a task.  What I don't get squared away this weekend will be moved to the next.  I can maybe get out into the garden to clean up the tomato bed.  I never did get around to that last weekend. 

I had quite a frustrating day yesterday and I was glad that I got to go out to run in the sunshine.  The cold sunshine.  But the mowers were working on the trail and had mowed down the wild fennel, so it smelled just awesome in places.  I did have to stop a few times, and at just about the first mile I had to take a couple more puffs of my inhaler.  And my ankle hurt a bit .... so it wasn't the most satisfying of runs but I felt pretty good all the same.  I am not sure I should do it again today.  I might wait for next Monday.  My ankle still is hurting today.  I don't know why ... maybe just a hangover from the whole broken toe issue.  There was a lot of soft tissue damage as well.  Oh .. and I've been wearing high heels this week.  I just llllllove my new red suede ones -- zippers up the back and open cut work up to the ankle.  And very high heels.  Super cute!

I watched Thursday night football and that was about it last night.  I don't have an easy project to knit plus I was just wrung out from my terrible day at work.  I didn't even cook dinner.  I made some toast and put some left over turkey meatloaf on it.  I am most thankful that it's Friday.

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