07 November, 2014

Classic cuisine

Sometimes it's fun to make something old fashioned for dinner.  Last night that was beef stroganoff from the Betty Crocker cookbook and it was just delicious!  I couldn't make myself use full fat sour cream, nor use an entire 1/4 cup(!) of butter to cook the mushrooms and onions but otherwise I just followed the receipe.  It was the perfect comfort food dinner for a stormy night.

And what a storm!  It was so dark when I got to work, but at noon it was rather nice outside so I thought it safe to walk to the grocery store.  However, it was the eye of the storm and as soon as I got outside it started up again, whipping my umbrella inside out a couple of times.  I took the bus back from the store, that's for sure.  By that time it was really dumping down rain and I would have gotten soaked, carrying that heavy bag of groceries back to work.  It was still very windy when I was driving home from the RTC and on Avondale Road I saw something floating down in front of me, narrowly missing getting hit on the windshield by a branch! 

This morning it's beautiful outside.  The trees are all gold and red.  I pass by several farms on my route down Avondale Road and the mist was laying on the fields this morning.  Beautiful.  Also, I could just see the moon in the sky.  I think it's going to be nice this weekend and I'm taking a long one.  It's Veteran's Day on Tuesday and I'm taking Monday as well.  From the look of the traffic this morning I suspect quite a few people are taking today off too.  I really need to get out in the garden and get the tomato cages off the dead plants and stored.  Well I have big plans for my four days off, with some fun in there as well Saturday night with dinner and music ... maybe dancing if the music is conducive to it.  And football.  I'd also like to finish up the last room, getting the Wii hooked up to the TV, and hanging the last of the pictures.  We'll see.  Oh ... and blocking that wrap.  Yes, some knitting too.  I noticed I messed up the 1x1 ribbing on the hat I just started so I've got to tink that back.  See?  Lots and lots and lots to do!

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