12 November, 2014

Cold cold Wednesday

What an awesome four day weekend!  I got almost everything done I had hoped to do.  That's pretty good, don't you think so?

Saturday was rainy and that meant I wasn't about to go out into the garden to clean up the tomato cages.  I got a little shopping done, did a little visiting with friends -- one of my friends just got back from visiting his family in Yorkshire and brought me back some tea, so I picked that up.  And then it was time to get ready to go out for dinner and listen to some music. 

A table had been reserved and the woman who made the reservation had requested that it be not to close to the stage, since last time we were right next to it.  When we got there it was indeed about three or four tables from the stage, but the woman seating us suggested we move the party to the back of the restaurant, as far away from the music as possible.  Not a good sign.  We asked about who was playing and she said it sounded like bad Karaoke.  And she was right on.  It was terrible and we were all very happy we had moved before it started.  And I was disappointed.  It would have been fun to dance.

Sunday was also not very nice and that was a day that consisted of football, laundry and knitting.  I finished up a cute little beret using the beaded yarn, Lousia Harding Grace.  I made some modifications to the pattern to make it a slouchy beret.  Will I wear it?  Maybe.   It's awfully cute but a little big.  I might put some elastic thread in the band to tighten it up a bit.

Monday I had a hair appointment set for noon and the new house cleaners were set to start at 10 that morning.  Perfect, right?  I got up, dressed, picked up a last few things around the house and took off with Tinkerbell at a little after ten, figuring that maybe they were running a little late.  I stopped at the store and got a coffee and croissant, picked up the items I needed for dinner that night and then took Tink to the park at Cottage Lake, which is right next to where my hair appointment was and right across from the grocery store.  All of this just about a mile from my place, which makes it pretty convenient.  Otherwise I'd have to go all the way in to Woodinville proper or the other direction to Duval to get any groceries.  So off we go to the park and I've got one whole hour before my hair appointment.  Lucky Tink.  Twice around the park.  Then it was noon, got my hair done and got back home around 1:30.  Guess what?  They hadn't been there!!  So I was stuck - I couldn't do anything because I didn't when when they could arrive.  Finally, around 4 o'clock they show up.  Great.  I took Tink and off we went to the Triplehorn to wait.

The Triplehorn is awesome.  It's a brewery so you can bring your dog!  Or your kids even.  It's like a pub in Europe.  I don't know specifically how they get around the laws here but I don't care.  I love it!  And the beer is out of this world.  So - we waited and waited and drank and watched Monday Night football.  It all worked out okay.

Yesterday I had in mind to get the last room squared away - or at least start.  I did a fantastic job - I got my Wii hooked up and running.  Perfect.  But then I found out that Nintendo no longer supports online gaming with Mariokart anymore - well, not on the Wii platform.  The Wii U is the new platform.  I don't think I'll be getting one although I really really enjoyed playing online.  But the room is nearer to being done, that's the main thing.

Now it's Wednesday and we're all back at work.  Hoorah for noon knitting so the day won't entirely suck.

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