25 November, 2014

Dodged a bullet

During the weekend I moved some furniture around.  In the bedroom I centered the bed so I could hang a picture and centering the bed meant moving the little bench that sits at the end of the bed as well.  Guess what happens when you move furniture around in a bedroom.  That's right - you walk into things that weren't there before.  I walked into the little bench.  Straight on with my foot, smashing my second toe.  It is very painful when one stubs their toe so I really didn't take much notice at first, cursing and calling myself all kinds of stupid.  Ah, but six o'clock rolled around and I came awake from the pain.  Not good.  I got up and put some weight on it and that was even worse.  Dang!  The same foot that I damaged last January.  I couldn't even get any shoes on so I stayed home and got myself to the urgent care center in Woodinville.  I was sure that I had broken that second toe.  The pain level was equal to the evulsion fracture.  They took x-rays and hooray for me, it is not broken!  What a relief.  They taped it up and sent me home.  Ice it, keep it elevated and wear the boot (that I kept, thank goodness) or loose shoes.  It should be okay by the end of the week.  I should be able to run in another week.  Wow - lucky.

Friday night I tried once again to watch "X-Men - Days of future past".  I very much wanted to like that movie, but that was the third time I had tried to watch it and I finally gave up.  It is a terrible movie.  What a shame.  I have liked all of the others.

Saturday I shopped for the Thanksgiving dinner and got the seating arrangements figured out.  For the meal at any case.  And the Huskies played and won, which was awesome.  Actually the football was great this weekend.  Both teams won.  My fantasy team did not and the Sounders lost their match, but I didn't watch that.  I got some good solid knitting time in for my hooded shawl.  Wow, this is a very difficult project but it is going to be incredible.  I took pictures and I'm waiting for them to get to my computer so I can add a little light to them ..... tick tock ...  The beading is really cool.  Ah, the pictures didn't turn out good enough.  There's not enough detail.  I'm only in 10 rows.  The yarn is dark and it's too hard to see.  I'll post pictures when I've got a few more rows. 

It's a super short week, especially since I wasn't here yesterday.  I am going to really enjoy my 4 day weekend.  I am going to do plenty of knitting. 

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