13 November, 2014

It's still a shock

This cold snap is such a shock to the system.  Just a couple of weeks ago it was so very warm, and now ..... oh my goodness!  When I got to the parking garage yesterday evening at 4:30 the puddles at the top were frozen!  I'm not a big fan of cold weather and that's why Seattle is nice, because it's usually so mild.  This is quite early for this temperature.  I do remember us having snow at Thanksgiving before, but it's very rare.  I think the last time I remember is like 1979 or maybe 1980.  Not that we're expecting snow, but I'm just saying it does get that cold now and again.  And I do not like it.

But ... the good news is that it's sunny.  It was gorgeous yesterday and it looks to be another nice day today and tomorrow.  I'm going to run at lunchtime today.  I am quite looking forward to it.

Noon knitting was yesterday but Monika forgot her knitting.  It was only three of us, since MaryEllin is off recruiting in Austin -- she's not getting the cold weather.  I suspect it's quite hot down there.  I worked a bit on the Melon stitch stole and last night I went through a couple of my newer books to find some new projects.  Again, I must take some time and go through my WIPs and either pick up the ones I have started or frog them and regroup.  I don't think I'll actually ever do that complicated cabled hoodie I started a couple of years ago and that yarn is really nice.  And then there's the Alpaca Iwi I started and haven't picked up in a while.  I do like that sweater .....  See?  It's not that easy.  I just don't have the time I need to work on all the disparate projects.  At this time of the year I need something in my hands when I'm watching football or else I feel like I'm completely wasting that time.  And there's a LOT of football on this time of year.  So I need easy projects and harder projects for when I'm just relaxing and knitting ... the Zen part of knitting.  But then I find a need and slip a little accessory in here and there, like the Brown Eyed Susan.  Not complaining.  I just need about twice the hours in a day and only have to work the same amount of time.  Or stop working.  That would be nice.  Maybe someday.

Hooray for four day weekends.  It's Thursday already.  Only one more morning to get up this week and then a good weekend.  I have SO much to do though.  I'm cooking Thanksgiving dinner the following Thursday for 15, so this weekend I've got to get the logistics down.  It's a newly remodeled house, but still small.  How to fit 15 eating and then reconfigure and fit 15 comfortably to watch the football game.  I'm going to have the game on not only in the great room, but also in the bedroom (a few people could recline on the bed and watch if they wanted) and also in the office/video game room, although that TV is on an HD antenna.  I've got to make sure the game is on the local station or it won't work unless I put the Google TV on there and stream from my iPad .... maybe.  Ah well, that's what this coming weekend is for.

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