01 February, 2016

Hubris or haste?

Sunday morning I rolled over and picked up my iPhone, blearily going through my phone messages and I see a message from my friend in France.  I had sent her a message Friday after I made all of my train reservations, telling her when we would be arriving in Beaune.  Alas .... she pointed out to me that I had the wrong date!  Now let me tell you a little something about how I organize a trip.  I have a spreadsheet and I meticulously check and re-check my dates and reservations.  However.  However after checking it seems that I not only reserved the wrong dates for that train but also the NIGHT TRAIN!  Oh my god.  The night train from Dijon to Milan which costs a fortune.  I have reserved the wrong date.  *sigh*  Well I just couldn't face it on Sunday plus I have all of my records here on my desktop so today after I get a couple of fires put out I've got to dig in and fix this mess. AND double check all of my other reservations.  I don't know what was wrong with me?  Where did I go wrong?  I didn't double check before I clicked the button is where I went wrong.  And why?  Because I am SO sure I'm doing it right.  I never make mistakes.  Hah!  I made a doozy this time and it could end up costing me quite a bit - money and pride.

It was a relatively quiet and relaxing weekend.  Saturday we went back to the outlet mall in North Bend so Ben could exchange his brief case/messenger bag and I had my little income tax refund I was keen on spending.  He got his bag and I?  I found a most beautiful and gorgeous and irresistible bag at the Coach store.  Not a made for the factory store bag, but one that came from the retail outlet.  50% off and I couldn't resist.  So I bought it.  Love love love.

The stole was finished Saturday night and I decided that I would start the lace front cardigan which is a free pattern from Cascade that Monika made last year.  I bought yarn specifically for it, although not the cotton blend but a cashmere blend.  Same weight but much more beautiful.  I wound the balls and cast on and started while the ProBowl was on yesterday.  I'm well into the sleeve increases.  I haven't made a garment in a long while so I'm quite excited about this.

And so the week begins.  Thirty-one weeks until I retire.

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