30 December, 2015


Oh my is it ever cold!  Clear and cold.  Below freezing.  My windows were all frosted this morning but I turned on the defroster fans and let it blow while I walked Tinkerbell and made a cup of coffee.  And I was super early to the  transit center again.  I just missed that early bus.  I hate having to sit in the car for 15 minutes but there ya go.  Nothing for it.  The traffic will be back to  normal next week, for sure.

This cold clear weather is supposed to stay around for the rest of the week and then the clouds will move back in and it'll warm up a bit.  I noticed that the mountains are all covered in snow, finally.  After last year I am sure the ski resorts are quite happy about all of the snow, but the passes were pretty jammed up for the holiday.  Even the train got stuck.

It was pretty quiet around here yesterday but I've got a few things going on today so hopefully it won't drag too terribly.  Then I'm taking tomorrow off and Friday is the 1st.  We're having a little open hour on Friday so I've got to get that Christmas tree down tomorrow.  Oh, and I'm going to make a pot of ham hocks and greens.  Yummmmm

I didn't work on that stole last night.  I'm still unsure on whether I should take out the first repeat and start over, because I did think I had an extra stitch and just knit two together instead of moving the markers.  Silly me (grrrrrr).  It's only one stitch though and if I follow the chart instead of the written instructions and move my markers I think it'll be fine and not noticeable.  I'll finish this next repeat and see how I feel about it then.

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