07 December, 2012

Just a little more

I actually got into packing boxes last night.  Well ... I got one box all packed and it was a time consuming one so I felt pretty good about my accomplishment.  This weekend is necessarily going to be the big push.  I find it very difficult to really get down to business when there is so much that needs to be gotten out of the place first.  My office is full of boxes and bags that need to be donated.  And once they are out of there then I'll be able to make more progress plus have a place to store the packed boxes.

My hard work was rewarded with some relaxing knitting.  I was doing quite well until I got interrupted with a phone call and when I got back I might have started going the wrong way.  You'd think it should be fairly easy to figure that one out, wouldn't you?  But because of the pattern it is not, so I had to put it down and when I can carve out some quiet time this weekend I'll solve the problem.

I had an interrupted night - it was cold and the wind was blowing the blinds, making so much noise.  My new place is going to be so quiet compared to this.  Although I am near the entrance to several restaurants and the movie theatre, so I imagine at times it could get loud but it shouldn't be for long.  Mostly I am just happy that I won't have to hear the freeway anymore!

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