04 November, 2013

Back to reality again

It's always so difficult to come back to work after a vacation.  And really, a week is never ever EVER long enough.  It seems I just start to relax and then it's time to head back to work.  But on the plus side, it was a really fun week off and the weather was absolutely spectacular when we finally did get out of town.

The weekend started out with a little painting.  Saturday we couldn't do anything because the electricians were there, but we did a little bit Sunday and a little more on Monday.  I had no idea it was going to be so difficult.  Think highly textured walls and white ceilings and colored walls.  Add in fancy moldings and you have a nightmare for non-professional painters.  Oh, plus I'm not real good with heights and there is a cathedral ceiling and guess who is the only one who can do a decent cut?  The floors weren't due to be finally finished until Wednesday so we were going to paint again on Tuesday but instead we headed to Port Townsend for a day and night before our two days in Sequim.

The weather could not have been any more perfect.  We got an early start, dropped Tink off at the Dog Resort and took the ferry to Kingston.  We stopped on Port Gamble for the best breakfast I have had in recent memory.  I can't even describe how crazy good the corned beef hash was.  We found a cute little hotel in Port Townsend and walked the galleries, had a drink on the balcony at Sirens, where it had to have been nearly 60 degrees.  Our dinner was just so-so but we found a perfectly awesome little band playing in a cellar and drank cocktails and listened to music until they were done.

We went through Port Angeles on Wednesday, visiting some thrift stores and ended up at an art park.  I wish it had been as sunny as Tuesday because I think it would have been a bit better considering all of the mirrors and shiny things stuck in the trees.  But it was very cool nonetheless.  Wednesday night we heard a very strange band.  Sequim is a big retirement community and the band was made up of retirees.  It had been billed as a bluegrass band but they were playing mostly country songs.

Halloween night we dressed up a bit and went back to the same place, hoping to get in some dancing, but I didn't care for the DJ so we didn't stay long and had a nice rest before heading back home on Friday.  Tink was SO happy to see me. 

November is known for its wind storms around here and Saturday was no exception.  It was so windy that the 520 bridge was closed.  I got some great knitting done on my Juneberry Triangle and am nearly to the center where I will "turn the corner" and I cannot wait to block this.  Although I did make a little mistake Saturday night. I have just one place where the hole made from a double YO is a bit bigger than it should be.  Hopefully it won't be too noticeable.  Or maybe I can figure out how to fix it.  I couldn't at the time so I put it away.  And the Seahawks game yesterday was just WAY too exciting to do any knitting at all. 

Before I left on my little adventure I received my second yarn box and I love love LOVE this yarn!  I have an idea for a wrap.  I'm going to try to design something specifically for this yarn.  It's 50-50 merino and silk, from Fiber Hound.  I'll bet the drape is going to be wonderful.  I'd like to do something like the Brown Eyed Susan pattern from Juju's Loops. Wouldn't this yarn be perfect for that?  Or maybe I should just get the book.  It's just that it's the only pattern from that book that looks at all interesting to me.  Well ... I'll think on it.  In the meantime - work.

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