05 November, 2013

Just blowing through the stop signs

I am happy to live so close to the transit center, since you have so many options for different routes.  However, it has its drawbacks and that is the Park and Ride lot and the late people trying to catch their bus.  Yesterday morning I stopped at the intersection to cross the street into the lot, which borders the transit center.  A woman had just finished her stop at the sign and was going through the intersection as I stepped out into the crosswalk, knowing the person behind her had to stop to let me go through.  Except, she did NOT stop but blew right through the intersection and came that close to me.  I was so astonished!  If I had thought a half a second quicker I would have swung my (heavy with a week's worth of breakfast and lunch) bag at her car.  As it was it just angered me.  Not only did she nearly run me down but at this time in the morning it's not easy to find a parking spot.  What did she do?  She parked in a ride share spot, then dashed to catch her bus.  I should have gotten her license number and reported her for that at least.  But .. I didn't think of it until just now.  Ah well.  But it really made me mad!!

Talk about mad - I was winning my match up and ended up losing by two lousy points because my opponent has Eddie Lacy!!!  I figured once Aaron Rogers went down I'd be fine but not.  So here I am stuck at 11th place.  There's always next year though and hopefully I don't get such a sucky draft pick.  In the meantime I get to play spoiler!

I got to work a lot on the Juneberry Triangle and finished up the first half of the edging and got the corner turned.  It's almost done!  Maybe I can finish it off this week.  I didn't pick a pattern for my new yarn yet.  There is only a little over 400 yards so that makes it more difficult.  I just know I want to make a ruffle, maybe a lacy ruffle, from the blue and then fill in the triangle or crescent with the other, maybe throwing in a row of blue in there as a garter ridge if I have enough.  I thought I'd check out the Mochi shawl I made a couple of years ago - or maybe it was only last year? - but it does have a big ruffle and maybe I can adapt.

I was very happy to get to run in the autumn sunshine yesterday.  I thought I might be a bit sore from the awkward angles I had to put myself into for painting on Sunday but I wasn't.  It was a slow run, but satisfying.  Today will be better.

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