06 November, 2013

You did that on purpose??

There is a woman here on my floor who has an incredible sense of style.  And by incredible I mean bizarre.  Her thing is the visor.  She wears one all the time.  Seriously.  A visor.  Today I saw her walking down the hall with turquoise stretchy pants, a ruffled lighter turquoise top and on her head a sequined turquoise visor.  Just to finish the ensemble off.  Obviously she does that on purpose.  For just one second I thought perhaps it was a costume but nope, Halloween is over.  I guess for her it goes all year long.


I forgot to grab the last box of oatmeal from the cupboard this morning so I've nothing for breakfast and a meeting at 9 o'clock.  I'll have to run downstairs for a scone or something.  I don't like their oatmeal down in the cafeteria.  It's too gummy.  I guess they have cold cereal as well.  I've got to eat something.  I won't be able to stay awake during that meeting without it.

It was a quiet evening last night with stupid TV and lots of knitting.  If I keep this up - even one hour or so a night this week - I may be able to finish this off.  I did find the reason for that big hole.  I had dropped a stitch but was able to fix it up Sunday night so now there's no big hole!  I'm just keen on blocking this thing.  The yarn is superwash and very squishy.  I am concerned that I won't be able to block it out far enough or that it will shrink back in on itself.  Only one way to find out.

I had a tolerable run yesterday but not great.  I had a better one on Monday.  For some reason I was just dragging even though I had a good night's sleep.  Maybe the rest day today will help me on the rest of the week.  I was considering signing up for the Thanksgiving 5K but not if I can't get a good pace going.

Now -- food!

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