21 March, 2014

It's the pollen

Oh the trees and the bushes are looking SO gorgeous but the pollen is knocking me for a loop!  My asthma is really bad.  Again last night I had to get up and take some puffs.  I'll be happy when this runs its cycle and I'm not allergic to the spring any more.  It used to be that I had no problem with spring and it was the summer grasses that would get me.  That doesn't seem to have been the case these past few years.  So I'll be patient.

My walk yesterday was great.  The weather was cold but the sun was brilliant.  I walked over 2 1/4 miles.  The foot was a bit sore but it didn't last at all.  Today I see the doctor, hopefully for the last time.  I am figuring a couple more weeks and I can start to run again.  Woohoo!!  I'd even forgo high heels for a few additional weeks happily.

Watched a wonderful episode of True Detective last night.  I'm going to be sorry for this to be over.  I think I've got five more episodes to watch.  Or maybe only four.  I'm not sure.  Maybe we can watch another tonight.

Short day so I'd better get on with it.  I have to leave a little after 2 to get to the doctor on time.  

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