17 March, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Not that I'm going to be celebrating, mind you.  But I must confess that I have emeralds on today in acknowledgement of the day.  I remember vividly St. Patrick's day last year.  We had given Frank a surprise birthday party in the Great Room on Saturday night, the 16th.  Sunday I went to the Farmer's Market and felt terrible!  I just thought it was a hang over, even though I so rarely get them.  But instead it was the beginning of weeks and weeks of a nasty cold and asthma.  This year I'm healthy!

It poured rain all weekend.  Big, sloppy wet drops.  I cooked a lovely Mardi Gras themed dinner Saturday and Sunday had lunch with friends .... the weekend just slipped by.  I did get some good knitting done on the Hitofude as I was watching more of the True Detective series.  I know the finale has shown on HBO already, but I'm behind so no spoilers!

For years and years I've been meaning to read "A Confederacy of Dunces" and I finally bought the audiobook version of it, which I started Saturday while walking Tink.  So far it's engaging but I suspect the reason this book was with the current promotion is that the narration is not very good.  Tolerable.

You can see the signs of spring all over the place, rain or no rain.  Today it's sunny, which is a welcome rest from the relentless rain.  I'm going to walk a mile at lunchtime today and maybe more if my toe feels up to it, although I probably should err on the side of caution.  I did very well this weekend and I can walk for quite a distance before I start to feel it or limp a bit.  This is in flat shoes, mind you.  Still flat shoes.   I see the doctor on Friday.

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