13 March, 2014

Happy happy happy!

I had a really good session with the physical therapist yesterday.  Not nearly as painful as the time before.  I've got much more range of motion and strength.  I expressed my fervent desire to be rid of the ugly boot and she agreed!  Woohoo!!  So of course no high heels, but at least I can wear matching shoes.  So today it's my tried and true Hush Puppies, pink and white suede oxfords that are old, but cute and still stiff enough so that my foot gets support.  Yes, it's still sore, but it's tolerable.  I have permission to start increasing my walking distance.  Yesterday I had to get to the bus straight after the session and walked 6/10ths of a mile.  It was in the boot though, so I don't think it counts.  Today at lunchtime I need to go up to the Ave to get something at the U Bookstore, so I think I'll take the bus up there and then walk back and measure the distance with my iPhone.  And if I start getting too sore then I can always hop on a bus for the last few blocks.  I am determined not to over do it.  If I am good and keep up with the strengthening exercises and can keep myself from re-injuring it then I am sure I'll be able to run in another few weeks.  Fingers crossed!

It was an astonishingly beautiful day yesterday.  Not warm exactly, but pink gloves weather for sure.  And in the late afternoon I walked Tink in a hoodie - me in a hoodie, not her.  And gloves and a scarf.  But still.  It was warm and I let her lead and we walked, slowly, for quite a while.  Me smiling all the way.

The meeting in the afternoon was fine, but not anything earth shattering.  I hate being at the mercy of another's pace, if you will.  Or, maybe a better way is that I hate not having any control over a situation.  Well I guess everyone feels that way.  Alas it is my place right now so I better make peace with it.

Free Agency is going strong and the Seahawks have re-signed some key players, lost some others and are having visits with a few more that would make great additions to the team.  It is so wonderful having a Super Bowl winning home team.  Everyone wants to play for the Seahawks now so it's possible they could repeat next year, which would be crazy.  Good crazy.

I'm happy and it seems like ages and ages since I've felt this way.   I had a little celebration last night, just me and Tinkie.  And how did I celebrate?  By purchasing a crazy bad and decadent dinner from Five Guys.  You know how sometimes you get cravings for silly things?  I was just craving a hot dog!  So I ordered one and Cajun fries.  I know - it sounds terrible, but it was SO yummy.  I knocked out a few rows on the Hitofude, but I was so tired from a bad night Tuesday night that I was sound asleep quite early.  I slept great.  Let's just hope this euphoria lasts for a bit.

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