24 March, 2014

Looking good

Friday was a beautiful day and the bus ride to the doctor has a transfer, but since the second bus is only a mile or so from the doctor's office I elected to walk rather than wait around for the second bus.  I was not walking in my running shoes, but rather my soft, flat boots.  They flex a bit more than the running shoes, oddly enough, and I kind of tweaked my toe on the way to the doctor.  It wasn't bad, but if I would have had to walk more than that mile it certainly could have been.  The x-ray showed no change, which is what we were looking for and therefore I am done visiting the doctor about this unless it starts to bother me when I begin running.  So woohooo!  I got on a bus for home and realized I had a few minutes before Tink needed to be walked, so I stopped in to the Nordstrom Rack.  I have been looking for a new coat and I thought I'd give the Rack a try and oh am I ever glad I did.  I have been wanting a new leather coat and I found an absolutely perfect one AND it was on the clearance rack to boot!  I really scored.  Happy happy happy.  A very good day.

It was very cold Saturday morning so I ran errands in the morning and then worked in Ben's yard all afternoon.  I planted 150 summer bulbs - 90 gladioli and 60 of some other thing I didn't recognize.  And then I raked for a while.  Tink was SO good, staying around the perimeter of the property, sniffing and sniffing.  Considering all of the wildlife I've seen stroll through that yard I would imagine there's much for her to consider. 

I am looking forward to my sister and nephew visiting this weekend and I started getting things in order for them - setting up dinner Thursday and a party Saturday.  I got Ben's hall bathroom done with new towels and shower curtain and the guest bedroom habitable.  My little place is WAY too small to have sleep overs.

It is not supposed to be raining today and I'm going to walk in my running shoes for 2 1/2 miles today.  By the end of the week I want to be up to three so I can start running next week.  Oh wouldn't that be awesome??  Indeed it would.

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