14 May, 2014

And now nothing to do but wait

Yesterday I got the last piece in place for my trip in July - my train reservations from Paris to Luxembourg.  This time I'm going to print my ticket out before I go.  When I went to Normandy a couple of years ago I bought my ticket for ... oh I can't remember the little town ... but instead of printing them out here I elected to get them at the machine in the train station.  Unfortunately the machines were not accepting my password so I had to go to a ticket booth to retrieve the ticket.  I had plenty of time, but it would have been a disaster if I hadn't gotten to the train station early.  I am taking no chances.  Plus it's going to be summer time and a lot more crowded and full of tourists.  I have been thinking back and I seriously cannot remember being in Paris, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, in the summer since I lived there.  What a difference this is going to be.  I am SO excited.  It should make my travel-less autumn easier to take.  (At least I'd feel very guilty about complaining).

The temperature has stayed comfortable.  I did not run yesterday - not because of the temperature but because of the drifts of cotton wood fluff along the trail.  I can't be good for me to be sucking in lungs full of the stuff.  I took a nice brisk walk instead.  We'll see how it looks tomorrow.  I am ready to get out there again, that's for sure!

Noon knitting today and I've got my Hitofude to show off.  Also I brought the Folio to start casting on my Iwi.  I did a few more rows last night of the lace pattern and I can't tell yet if I've got it right just changing the purls to knits.  I will have to do the first few inches back and forth anyway so I'll be getting a feel for the pattern before I start in the round. 

Today I had another annual exam - this one the painful one.  Now it's done for another year.  Hoorah.  Friday is my semi-annual dental appointment.  I am very UN-busy right now at work so this is the perfect time to be getting all these things taken care of.   It's a little more challenging on the bus but I've got a great book to listen to - "The Crimson Petal and the White" - so I don't mind so much.  Except I did happen to be sitting in a crowded bus in a VERY stinky seat.  Not nice. 

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