09 May, 2014

Powerless in the face of yarn

I am now on the last section of pattern repeats for my Hitofude.  I slipped it on yesterday evening and I am very glad that I decided to add the extra length.  If I hadn't done the extra repeats I could have done the entire thing with just two skeins of yarn.  I don't want it to be short though so I am glad I got the extra.  I am for some reason entirely captivated by Iwi (I know I know ... this pairing of the sweater and those hideous pants, but I do like the sweater) and I have been searching for just the right yarn to substitute for the Folio.  Then I read on the YarnBox Ravelry group that Alpaca, the prime fiber in Folio, is supposedly hypoallergenic, and if one has had itchy reactions to the fiber in the past it is most likely due to inferior or cheap yarn.  So I just purchased the Folio called for in this pattern and I'll hope for the best.   I do know that I knit a stole with an alpaca/silk blend yarn and it doesn't bother me so perhaps the Folio won't either.  Fingers crossed.  I don't want to have to send it back!

Wednesday morning I had my annual exam and I had to say goodbye to my GP, who has been my doctor for 25 years!  Because I had to also pick up a Symbecort inhaler before I headed in to work I didn't get here until noon knitting time.  So it was a short day.

I had my annual review on Tuesday and got a glowing one.  Not that I expected anything less.  The good news is that we, the professional staff at least, are getting raises again this year!  Two years in a row after going five years without a penny.  That is pretty nice.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment at 4 and I couldn't figure out what to do - go home early and walk Tink and then go to the appointment or take her with me .... I can't leave her for more than 10 or 11 hours.  So I worked from home.  I did leave her there when I went though because it was lashing rain.  It's not bad today - a bit windy.  Next week should be nice.

I have one last thing to handle for my trip.  I've got to get my train ticket from Paris to Luxembourg.  Otherwise I got the hotel squared away for the last leg of the trip and for my first two days, Sunday and Monday when I arrive, I found a perfect room on Airbnb.  Not only is it cheaper than any hotel I could find, but it's right on the street where I used to live, just a couple of blocks closer to Republique and, since it's a room in a woman's apartment, I don't have to cool my heels Sunday morning waiting for the room to be ready.  My hairdresser turned me on to Airbnb.  She and her boyfriend are going to Italy on Monday for 3 weeks and they are using it.  It's a great idea.

No big plans for the weekend.  I would like to finish up Hitofude.  I would like the sun to shine.  Modest requests.

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