22 May, 2014

I pulled it off

Despite not preparing for the meeting until the last minute, it went quite well - if I do say so myself.  It's not easy keeping people on track when working on a web site.  I just needed two things from the committee and with some gentle nagging got all the questions answered and everyone is happy.  At least for now.  The new web site will be rolled out at the June faculty meeting and in the meantime I need to solicit labs and faculty for pictures to feature on the front page.  Never a dull moment?  Don't you believe it.

I got four more rows done on the Iwi at noon knitting and I've got at least 10 more to go before I can cast on for doing it in the round.  I ordered a new lace circular needle from Amazon.  One of the knitting girls told me about a less expensive - less than Addi - lace circular that had gotten raves from a friend of hers, so I thought I'd give it a try.  My Denise circulars are not great for using with the size 5 tips because they are the same size as the cables and the join is not smooth and the tips are rather dull.  So with yarn like this Folio, which is loosely plied, there is a lot of snagging and I am SO scared the tip is going to come off.  It happens all too easily, especially with a heavy or large project.  So these new needles should help a lot.  It'll go much faster in the round, I am sure.

It's another short day for me today.  I've got to get that little bit of broken tooth taken care of.  I hope they don't have to use too much Novocaine.  I wouldn't dare do it without, but it seems such a superficial repair.  It would be nice if I wasn't numb for hours and hours.  Every time my dentist uses Novocaine I am scared it's not going to go away.  I know that's silly but hey - we all have our phobias.

I am ready for the long weekend.  I'm hoping we get let loose early tomorrow.  Although as professional staff I could leave anyway, I don't like doing it unless everyone gets to go. 

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