06 May, 2014

So annoying!

As we all know, my little office with a door is located inside another room.   This room, usually called the Maiin Office, has the copier, the mailboxes, supplies, etc.  The woman who sits in the reception area doesn't get in until close to 9.  This morning the occupant of the office next to me had an errand to run downstairs and so left me alone right after I got in.  I got my tea and got settled in and then went to visit the ladies room.  When I returned the door to the main office was locked!  I didn't have my keys.  *sigh*  How helpful.  Luck was with and someone with a key came by soon.  But still. 

Yesterday was not a good running day.  Not at all.  I didn't get much past 6/10ths of a mile when my asthma was so bad that I had to stop.  Either I forgot to take my puffs, although I distinctly remember going into my purse to get the inhaler, or (more likely) the pollen count and my allergies are combining in a way that means I need to add Symbecort for a while.  I have an appointment for my annual exam tomorrow so I'll be able to get whatever I need.  In the meantime my asthma was so bad last night that I had to get up and use my inhaler a couple of times during the night.  Not fun.  I did some reading about people who run and have asthma - in fact I read a letter to a columnist that could have been written by me.  Same age at onset, same set of circumstances (after a bout of particularly bad bronchitis).  It can be controlled.  One just needs the correct combination of meds.  I'll get there.  I was strong anyway so I'm that close to being back on track.   Today I'll just take a nice walk and call it good.

Monday night slob around is what I had yesterday evening.  I have another great new book so I read much too late.  I'll sleep well tonight.

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