13 May, 2014

Not a shawl

Well finally I finished a project that is not a shawl, nor a pair of mitts.  My Hitofude blocked out beautifully.  I only wish I could have moved the dummy down the hall towards the light source.  But there's not enough room to get a decent picture so these will have to do.  Oh gosh, and now seeing them on the page, they really don't do justice to the beautiful yarn.  I tried to fiddle with them in Photoshop but I didn't want to take a lot of time over it.  This one upper left is the nicest.  The Malabrigo yarn was great to work with and blocked out like a dream.  There's a good amount of swing and drape to this little cardigan.  I almost regret not putting a button up there, but I can always use a pin if need be. 

That being done, last night I started fussing with the lace pattern on the Iwi, trying to turn it into an in-the-round pattern.  I don't know if it's dumb luck or what, but I think I've got it first go and it's not rocket science.  I'm just doing the purl rows as written but changing purls to knits.  I am five rows into a 12 row repeat and so far it looks like it's right.  I'll have to finish the greater part of the 12 rows before I know for sure.  This will make the project do-able.  I cannot imagine making an over sized sweater with that much plain stockinette in pieces!  What a waste of time.  Plus I get sore doing all that purling.

The weather has turned and it is absolutely gorgeous again today.  Although I can see the cotton wood pods floating all about and they are laying thick as snow on the trail.  I am starting to have second thoughts about running in the fluff even now that my asthma seems to be well managed.  I think it might be smarter to walk this week until the fluff subsides.  I seriously do NOT want to have another asthma attack on the trail.  Twice was once too much.  Once was once too much, actually.

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