19 May, 2014

Weekends are too short!

Where does the weekend go?  And why so quickly?  Thank goodness I have two whole weeks to look forward to in July.  A weekend is just not cutting it.

Friday I came in late because I had my dentist visit in the morning.  I had the fastest cleaning ever, which I attribute entirely to the wonderful little brushes I have found to use instead of floss.  I am hooked and the hygienist couldn't get over it.  However, we did find a little chip that needs to be fixed, so I've got to go back again this Thursday for a little repair work.  That's not so bad.

Since I didn't get to work until noon there was no running, but I am all set to start up again today.  The asthma is under control (although I will be carrying my rescue inhaler for the foreseeable future) and the cotton wood fluff was not drifting around this morning, so we should be good to go today.

As for the weekend ..... I seriously don't know where it went.  I watched a movie Friday night, did a little knitting, did a little shopping (got some nice new jeans), had friends over for dinner and games Saturday, then met friends for breakfast Sunday, and there you go.  I wanted to knit more yesterday but I couldn't fit it in.  I have finished the first 12 row repeat of the lace and I'll have to do another 12 at least to get to four inches.  Then I'll be casting on for the left front and back.  Yes I am sure I can do this in the round now.  It will get tricky at the arm holes, but I've done this before.  Put the back on holders and do the front and then finish up the back and 3 needle bind off the shoulders.  Then this sweater does the sleeves by picking them up from the arm holes.  That is going to be the tricky part but, again, I've also done this before -- two sleeves at the same time on two circular needles.  But it is very fiddly to get it going.

On Friday I got a good news/bad news text message from one of my friends in Paris.  It's a case of the husband not knowing what the wife has planned.  I won't be able to visit with one of my favorite couples when I visit in July because they are leaving Paris the very day I am leaving Seattle for two weeks in Burgundy.  However, the GOOD news is that I get their flat while they are gone!  Awesome news.  It's right on the street where I lived, just two or three blocks towards the Hotel de Ville from there.  Perfect.  No waiting to check in, I can go straight to the flat on Sunday when I arrive.  And it's walking distance to most of my favorite places.  Well, it's good news although I am going to miss seeing them. 

Here we go.

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