20 May, 2014

It was all about the asthma

I had a super fantastic run yesterday.  If it hadn't been for the detour on the trail where there were doing some construction it would have been epic.  As it is, I ran two miles straight without stopping - and remember?  Before I was just trying to get to one mile without a break.  After the two miles I gave myself a little walk break because my toe was feeling a bit sore, then back to the run.  I guess I will be using Symbecort daily for a while and then I can get back to using the rescue inhaler just for when I run.  Well, that's the plan anyway.  I am quite anxious to get out there again today!  Now that I know where the work is being done on the trail I can plan a better route.

I had so much to do when I got home last night that by the time I was finished with all the chores and my dinner and two dog walks I wasn't in the mood for lace knitting, so I watched a few programs on my iPad (my new favorite, on Hulu Plus, "Moone Boy".  And an episode of "Louie" - I started it anyway but it was getting too crazy and I needed something just plain stupid funny.  I am pretty sleepy this morning though.  I didn't sleep well.  It was noisy outside.

Finals are starting up.  I have been asked to proctor two exams next week.  They're in the computer lab, which is small so that we have to run the students through in two groups.  It is going to be torture.  Dead boring.  It's really over kill to have THREE proctors for 50 students, don't you think?  In the computer lab?  Ridiculous.  They can't get onto the internet to look things up.  How are they going to cheat?  *sigh*  Don't get me started.

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