02 May, 2014

I tried a new running app

We all know how I love my iPhone.  I use it when I run, of course, to keep track of my pace and distance.  Usually I use the Nike app, but since I've been going the rehab I've been using MapMyWalk for obvious reasons.  But I'm running way more than walking and I read about a new app - a couple of them actually - that take your music and categorize it by beats per minute.  Then you can dial up whatever pace you want.  Genius!  I got the app and gave it test drive yesterday.  NOT genius.  Oh it works well enough with the beats per minute, but it doesn't use GPS for pace and distance like the other apps do.  I don't know how exactly it does figure distance but since it suggests using it in an armband I suspect it is stride.  Well, I'm short and I certainly don't have an average stride.   My goal yesterday was to run 1 mile without stopping.  Asthma was under control and I was ready, but that darned thing was not working at all.  I run basically the same route so I know pretty much where 1 mile is, but it depends on where I start, of course. All I know is when I got to where I thought should be a little over 1/2 a mile the app said 0.35!  So - it's off my phone.  I love love love the paced music.  Perhaps I should look for another app that uses GPS AND does the pace.

It did get pretty hot yesterday but I got my run over before it really was blazing.  That being said, it would have been more comfortable in my running skirt.  I have a meeting today so I doubt I'll be able to get out anyway.  It's cooler and it'll be cooler all next week.  I'll look forward to that.

I have yet to make my hotel reservations for my summer trip.  I've been waiting for my friends in Paris to get back to me with the name of the hotel near the pub where I stayed before.  I was right, they were on holidays but I know Eoghan is back at least.  I did find Airbnb, which my hairdresser had been telling me about.  I think I'll just do that for myself for Sunday and Monday and see what Emma wants to do for the weekend.  The thing about the hotel near the pub is that it's ... near the pub.  Yes, but it's also not a shabby place.  They were renovating it last time I was there, or repairing water damage.  Anyway even with the mess it was okay.  But I've got to get that handled sooner rather than later.  Tick tock.

Nothing much going on this weekend.  A little knitting.  Helping a little in Ben's garden.  I could use a quiet weekend.

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