05 May, 2014

Wet wet and more wet

Crazy business.  Last week it was 80 and a few days later in the 50s and pouring rain.  We had a 30% chance of rain in the forecast but in reality it was 100%.  So guess what - no yard work.  That didn't break my heart.  It was replaced by shopping.  I didn't buy anything but it was fun nonetheless. 

So yes, a low profile weekend.  Since I'm counting calories nothing very exotic was on the menu.  I did cook some lovely Rockfish Saturday night.  It was simple, baked in the oven while I was baking some butternut squash.

Saturday was the wettest day and night and the poor Sounders had a home game in the worst of it.  Soccer is like football in that the games only get called on account of lightening.  Rain?  Play on boys!  And they are really on a roll these days, our star player is earning his keep and has been scoring multiple goals now four or five games in a row.  The Mariners are on the road and even they won Saturday and Sunday.  So there was that at least to bring a little sunshine to an otherwise gloomy and wet wet wet weekend.

We are expecting more of the same this week.  I was able to get quite a few rows done yesterday evening and I have brought my Hitofude with me to work today in case the rains show up at noon.  I'm not running in the rain - well, I'll run in the sprinkles but I swear, the ways it's been blasting down I'm ready to skip it and find a quiet corner to knit.  I'm covered both ways.  I think, after my run last week with the bad app, I might consider going back to my walking app for another week and then next week I should be 100% and ready to go back to the Nike app. By that I mean I think I'll be able to run 100% of the 3 miles by then.  Am I being overly optimistic?  We shall see.

I finally heard from Eoghan, my friend in Paris, with the name of the hotel his wife had recommended to me before.  So I'll check that out today.  I want to get my hotels nailed down this week and then I can just daydream and wait.  And wait.  And wait.

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