27 May, 2014

Welcome to Tuesday

And a short week!  Yippee!  But oh no!  I left my iPad at home!  I hate that!!!  Ah well, I don't need to goof off any more than I usually do.

My toe and foot were not feeling up to running on Friday so I skipped it and I'm glad I did.  This morning it is finally feeling better and I will only have today to run.  I've got noon knitting tomorrow, on Thursday I am proctoring two exams and don't have enough time between them.  And Friday I'm leaving early for Birch Bay so .... it's today or not for another week.  At least the weather is fine.  Not warm, but not raining.  We had plenty of that this weekend.  Thankfully we got enough good hours during the long weekend to get plenty of work done.  I helped with putting in a small raised vegetable garden, planted some hanging baskets and other small pots.  Tink got some great walks.  On Saturday she got groomed at a new grooming place because I couldn't get her to Kristi's.  This is the first time she's been groomed somewhere else in her entire life and wouldn't you know it, the guy did not know how to clip a Westie!  He got her face right but her body is not right.  She looks WAY too fat and more like a Shi Tzu or something.  But she's clean and her nails are clipped and I can see her eyes, so that's fine.

I was thinking I would like to make a peach cobbler this weekend while we're up in Birch Bay but I don't like to use canned peaches.  And then what did I find?  Fresh peaches!  But they are hard as a rock, so I bought six of them and put them into a paper bag.  I am figuring they should be perfectly ripe by the weekend.

One of my goals for the weekend was to get the Iwi long right panel finished and cast on for the left side and back and get going in the round.  I did just that on Sunday and it was slow going.  And tough!  Perhaps that's why the designer didn't even suggest it.  I think if I wasn't as experienced I would have thrown in the towel.  I kept at it though and now I am so glad I did.  The rest of the project is going to be much faster.  I'm still only a few rows into it so I can't say for sure that the lace panel is going to look exactly the same but I figure it'll be close enough.  It's working anyway.

And that's what I should be doing .... working.

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