12 May, 2014

Okay, so I'm a bitch

When I saw my GP last Wednesday we spent a bit of time getting the electronic record up to date.  I am a great believer in electronic medical records.  I think they've been a long time coming and so I didn't mind spending a bit of time getting everything squared away.  The doctor gave me a referral to another doctor who I saw this morning.  This doctor is in the same system.  I get to the reception desk and am shown a paper listing my current medications, which I say is correct.  Then, while I'm waiting I'm asked to fill out another four page form.  I sit down and start going through it and it's the SAME INFORMATION.  Previous aliments, surgeries, current medications ... same same same!  I went up to the desk and asked why in the world I have to fill this out when I just affirmed the medications and my doctor had only last Wednesday entered my history into the computer record that they have in front of them.  The receptionist said something to the effect that they just want to double check, but the look on my face must have told her that she was going to get nowhere with me.  She took the clipboard back with a snarky, "Well, I'll just tell the nurse you don't want to fill it out".  Seriously?  I think she's the bitch but oh well.  Then I had a lovely visit with a perfectly awesome lady doctor and all is well and I'm happy.

The day is absolutely stunning and it's going to be beautiful and hot all week long.  The weekend?  As with this past one, mostly rainy.  How's that for luck?  I would gladly work in Ben's yard for a few hours if that would mean we'd have some nice weekend weather.  This Sunday wasn't bad and we did get out and walk in the park.  Tink likes that.  I had to bathe her Sunday morning since she found something incredibly nasty to roll in. 

And the Hitofude?  Finished!!!  It's on my floor drying as I type.  I'll take pictures tonight.  I ended up doing extra repeats for the first three sections and by the time I was at the last I realized I didn't need the extra repeat.  It is the prefect length and I didn't have to block the dickens out of it.  I should now be able to figure out how to do the Iwi's lace pattern in the round before the yarn comes.

Oh glory - it's after noon already and I've only gotten in.  A really really short day. 

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