23 May, 2014


Oh how I have been looking forward to a nice, long weekend.  And oh how I've been hoping against hope that it would not be raining.  Alas, this is Seattle and there are times when it is more likely than not to be raining.  The Fourth of July is one of those times and Memorial Day weekend is another of those times.  So as soon as I stepped out the door I had to put my umbrella up, even though the forecast was for 30% chance of rain.  Who are they trying to kid?

On the other hand, it was quite beautiful yesterday and warm to boot.  Despite the drifting cottonwood fluff, I had another great run yesterday, knocking more than a minute and a half off of my best time -- the best time being since I've been rehabbing my foot.  I was quite pleased.  I ran a little earlier than usual because I had to catch a bus at 1:15 to get to my dental appointment.  I wasn't hungry and I didn't want to just bolt something down to stave off hunger.  I just figured I'd have a late lunch after my appointment.  How out of touch is that?  I was having a chipped tooth repaired!  There was, of course, Novocaine, but not just a little bit.  She filled me up with it as if she were filling a cavity.  I wasn't back to normal until nearly 6 pm, at which point I was beyond hungry.  That was pretty stupid.

I didn't knit last night.  Instead I went to bed to read and ended up falling asleep absurdly early.  Ah well, I guess I needed it.  I woke up at 6 am feeling all refreshed and ready to go.  I do for sure want to carve out some good quiet time to finish up the first four inches and cast on for the rest of the body and start in the round.  My new needles should arrive today.

I am a little concerned that my foot is a bit sore today.  I might have to forgo my run.  I feel my toe and my ankle, both areas that were injured.  Perhaps I have over done it a bit this week.  I'll play it by ear, but if it's still achy by 11 I'm going to have to switch to straight walking.

Happy long weekend everyone!

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