24 July, 2015

A cooler weekend

Gosh, I'm actually wearing shoes and socks today rather than sandals.  It wasn't even 60 degrees when I got up and out to walk Tinkerbell.  It's a relief, actually.  The hot weather is coming back, I know that, but for now it's nice to be cooler.  And with all of this hot weather so early in the season, it actually feels like the end of August rather than the end of July.

So what's on tap for this weekend?  Hair appointment.  And a trip to Home Depot to get some plants for the patio in front and perhaps some planters for the porch.  I accidentally killed the blueberry bushes - I totally spaced watering them because I didn't do it at all last year - so I've got those two planters to re-plant with seasonal annuals for some color in the front.  That'll be fun.

And, as I said, if I can get all of my chores and running around done on Saturday then I'll have loads of time on Sunday to just knit and knit.  I truly do need some of that zen time.  I need the type of day when I can just sit and knit and let my head fix itself.  Next weekend will be super busy in Port Townsend. I am looking forward to that.

I am all alone here in the office suite today.  Monika is on vacation.  Bill is on vacation and Sandra is off on Friday.  It's going to be very quiet.  I hope I can stay awake.

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