23 July, 2015

Sports talk

Ever since I finished up the Outlander series of audiobooks, each one of which was about 50 hours or more, I am running out of audiobooks to listen to before the next credit is available.  I love audiobooks but they can get pretty darned pricey, so that's why I only allow myself one a month which at the club price is fine.  Once in a while they'll have a deal of the day that I snap up at steep discount, but often those are flawed in one way or another.  This last one I got I frankly just didn't like even though I had read some of the author's other books and enjoyed them. So I didn't want to listen to the end of the book and therefore I have been alternating listening to sports talk radio and music on my commute and dog walks.  The thing about sports talk radio is that it is the same thing over and over and over and over again.  Plus I'm really only interested in the football news.  My credit should be available tomorrow.  Now I've got to find a nice loooooong book.  My commute is considerably longer than it was a year ago and so these books don't last quite as long as they used to last.

At noon knitting I got ready for the set up row of the pattern portion of the Shangri-la, version 2.  And last night I did the set up row and purled back.  So I'm only now one pattern repeat away from when I threw in the towel last week.  I should be able to get lots and lots of knitting done this weekend, since Ben is golfing on Sunday.  And the course is on Whidbey Island.  If I get all of my chores and hair appointment and manicure done on Saturday that means I'll have the entire day to knit.  What a luxury.  The following weekend is going to be spent having fun in Port Townsend.  No knitting there at all.

I haven't decided what I want to get myself for my birthday this year.  A spa day?  I can't decide.  But it's fun thinking about it.

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