07 July, 2015

Missing my caffeine

It was a little cooler this morning thank goodness.  In fact I still have my little lace jacket on.  It won't last, of course.  One of the unfortunately side effects to this heat wave we're having is that I don't really want my normal cup of coffee on the ride to the transit center.  And boy am I groggy today!  I guess I could make an iced coffee.  But this morning my commuter mug was in the dishwasher, running, so it wasn't possible.

Yesterday was hot as blazes here in the office and I was worried the gym would be as bad, but they were cranking that AC, so it was tolerable.  And I must have done something right because I can hardly stretch my arms above my head.  I am very sore.

It was too hot to knit last night, of course.  The evening breeze never showed up yesterday so I didn't even go sit in the shade.  I probably won't do it tonight either.  My next row is a beading row and I need to be in a good, well lighted space for it.  At least for the first one.  Noon knitting tomorrow will be the place.

I still can't wake up.  Time for another cup of tea I guess.

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