29 July, 2015

Caught up

I went to bed early last night and I believe I was asleep before 9 o'clock!  Ahhh, but I'm all caught up now and I feel good.  Noon knitting today will be much appreciated.  I still haven't done a stitch since my great knitting orgy of Sunday.

The heat is getting turned up even more today and each day through the weekend.  I must say, I hope we get an actual winter this year.  I miss it!

I must have been in a bit of a fog this morning because I put in my contacts and I didn't really want to wear them today because of noon knitting.  When I have close lace work to do, it's just easier without them since I wear two different ones.  Ah well, I'll make do.

Football training camp here in Seattle for the Seahawks starts Friday.  And then we're on our way to autumn and football!  I can't wait.  This baseball season has been just horrible and you know I've never gotten into soccer so ... it's a wasteland sports wise.  Not for long.

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