22 July, 2015

When you dream you have a bad headache

Sometime in the night Monday the clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped and my head ..... I was dreaming that I had such a bad headache that I was searching around for ice to make an ice pack.  And then I woke up and that was indeed the reality.  It was terrible!  I was awake most of the night with it and stayed home yesterday.  I slept for the greater part of the day, thank goodness.  It's still with me today but not nearly so bad.  I can only guess that the weather change aggravated my sinuses.  Not fun.

What is fun though is getting just what you want.  Yay for me!  I put the Ancient Arts Fingering and the linen yarn on the Yarnbox trade board on Ravelry and found a woman who will trade the Ancient Arts for an older Artyarns box and the linen yarn for the cashmere from the very first Luxe box I missed out on.  Perfect!  I'll pop that in the mail this morning.

Also on the agenda this morning is my annual review.  And this might be my very last annual review, which is pretty awesome.  And it's noon knitting.  It's going to be a good day.

We all have our little dances in the morning and I've talked about that from time to time.  If you miss a step or get distracted, who knows what can happen?  Well I looked in my tote this morning on the bus and what was on top of all of the other stuff I dragged in today?  Tinkerbell's leash!  The logical extension of this is that I put something else on the top closet shelf in place of the leash that lives there.  But I don't seem to be missing anything so ... all is well, so far.

Happy hump day, world.

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